It's well know that better photographs help get homeless pets adopted quicker.  Does your organization have trouble getting a good photo of pets you have up for adoption?  Most shelters don't have access to much more than a cell phone camera which can often take blurry out of focus photos especially of dogs moving quickly.  In a world where everyone is quickly scrolling through their social media they only click on the photos that catch their eye.  Most of the time the blurry cell phone photos get passed over and that pet misses an opportunity to find a good home.

Together we can help homeless pets find homes quicker.  In the past I've done work with organizations like Henry County Humane Society-Kewanee, K9 Kindness, PINK (Pitties in Need of Kennels) and Quad City Animal Welfare.   For the last 3 years and now for a 4th year I also produce a photo calendar for the Henry County Humane Society that they sell to raise funds for their shelter.  This has been a very solid fundraiser that both covers the cost of printing the calendars and puts profits into their operating fund.  


If your organization would like to get high quality professional photos of your adoptable pets please contact me.  It's not always easy to get great photos of dogs or cats so keep in mind that there will be an investment of time on mine and your part.  Sometimes it is better to take a dog to a different location other than the shelter especially if there are a lot of other dogs at the shelter.  


Please contact me to schedule your shelter/rescue photo session to help get more pets adopted.

John Wangelin