52 weeks of Alfie!

Wow I'm horrible at keeping up on my blog.  Writing is not my strong suit so I'm sure thats why I don't do as much with it as I should.

This year it is Alfie's turn to be the subject of my 52 week project.  The 52 week project is pretty much as it sound, I do 1 photo every week of Alfie for 52 weeks.  I'm part of a great group in Flickr called 52 weeks for dogs and there is some very inspiring photos in this group.  I thought I would take a moment to share some of my favorite Alfie photos from what I've done so far.

Week 2

Week 2

Here is Alfie's week 2 photo. And I must say I really love it.  It wasn't what I originally thought I wanted but in the end I really like it and it made it to Flickr Explore group which is pretty cool.  I can see this photo being used for a winter month for the Henry County Humane Society calendar in the future.  Since we didn't get much snow this year it was one of the few times I had a chance to shoot in it.  I like snow photos but sometimes I'm guilty of not doing enough of it because...well it's cold.  

Week 5

Week 5

Here's a little slice of life shot, I think the picture says it all and this is something that happens on a daily basis.  Alfie is just tall enough to get a look but just short enough that he can't get what his belly desires.  I like this because it's so honest and true to life.

Week 9

Week 9

Week 9 was what I call a slow pitch.  I know if I stand at the end of the stairs they will eventually come back to the edge to see what I'm doing, so I just have to be ready for the moment.  I like how Alfie looks all innocent an Miles is giving me some attitude.  

Week 11

Week 11

This really draws me in, Alfie looks so somber and the dark tones of the couch just really makes me like it.  It feels so in the moment and maybe it was but I would bet I had a little work to do to pull this off.

Week 12

Week 12

Week 12 were still being lazy.  This is kinda another easy shot for me because if I let everyone relax enough Alfie will end up on the bed and when he is sleepy then I can take all the photos of him I want.  Week 12 is also where I used a film camera (Mamyia 645 Pro TL) to capture almost the same image.  I used my Fuji camera to capture this one then copied the settings from that shot to take the next shot on film as I don't have a light meter.

Film shot on week 12

Film shot on week 12

I really like the look of medium format film.  This shot came out so much better than I thought it would mainly because I don't have a lot of experience with film.  This was by far the best shot off that roll of film and let me tell you the print version is far better than seeing it on a screen, but almost all photos are.

Week 16

Week 16

Umm Dad, I can't reach the peddles.  Here it's spring and I had just done the first mow of the year.  I had a different vision for this and I'm going to try it again but I still think this one came out pretty good but nothing too special just a way to represented the changing of seasons. 

Week 24

Week 24

The last one I will share is his week 24.  I did this with a 60's era Polaroid Land Camera.  I don't know what it is about instant film but I like it.  It's not the best choice when working with dogs because they move so much and I have wasted plenty of film trying.  Since Alfie seemed pretty still when I decided to grab a photo I thought I would give the old Land Camera a shot, and hey it worked.

I think I will stop there and save some more of the photos for a future blog.  I've done 52 week projects with Miles and Pete so this time I decided to use Alfie.  I like the 1 on 1 time it gives me with him and sometimes he even gets to go on a special trip for a photo shoot.  Next year it will be Scouts turn which will be good because she can be difficult to photograph and I haven't done enough photos of her.


Keep in mind fall is here!  If you are looking to get a photoshoot during the fall now is the time to book because winter will be here in the blink of an eye.  Only 6 more weekends before November hits us then it's all down hill.






Announcing "Faces of Furever"!

“Faces of Furever” is a photographic art project with a focus on documenting families of adopted dogs.  We want to show the world what Furever looks like and encourage more families to adopted abandoned dogs.  We want to honor these people and tell their stories to the world so that others will consider rescuing instead of buying.


We will partner with rescues, shelters and businesses to bring this project to as many people as we can.  Shelters and rescues will have one more resource to raise funds and promote their adoptable animals while businesses can show their customers how dedicated they are to ending the homeless animal problem.


I am happy to announce that my new photo project "Faces of Furever" is about to launch with it's first event.


June 11, 2016 from 10am to 2pm at Pitties in Need of Kennels office in Kewanee IL 113 W 3rd Street.

PINK is our first organization that we have teamed up with to make this project possible.  

"So what is this"?  This project is my way of putting a face or faces to the word Furever and show the world who is stepping up and adopting instead of shopping.  We will be doing professional portraits of families with their adopted dog(s).  Those photos will be displayed through multiple mediums as a tribute to everyone who is doing their part in stopping the homeless dog epidemic.

We will be taking a $10.00 donation that will go to P.I.N.K to help them with their operation costs so they can continue their work.  With that donation you will get your portrait taken with you adopted dog and family.  To be apart of this project we do ask that at least one of your dogs be adopted from a shelter, rescue, ect.  

Your photo will be available to download from my Facebook site or my website.  You will be able to take your photo and have it printed wherever you like.  To be clear we will not be printing photos on site you will be responsible for having your photos printed if you would like. 

I am volunteering my time and talent for this project and am receiving no compensation for this event.  But if you would like to help keep this project going you will be able to purchase your prints through my website.  If you decide to purchase prints from my site that will help move this project forward and cover my costs for doing it.  The sales from the prints will help me bring this project to more shelters and more families.  You are not required to purchase a print and I will never try to sell you one later it is completely up to you. 

So bring your family and your fury family out on June 11th from 10am-2pm to help support P.I.N.K and help me get this project off the ground.  

All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations and be able to get along with other dogs.  They must also be leashed.  You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet and keeping your pet under control.  There will be many dogs at this event so please keep that in mind when considering attending.  Due to the limited space we will have you may need to wait in your car or wait outside so that we can give the dogs the space they need.  

All participants will be required to sign a model release form for adults and minors.  These photos may be posted on my website, facebook, twitter or used for promotional use.  They could also be posted to other websites than the ones I've listed. 

An interesting Saturday....

Last weekend I decided to stop by my grandparents house for a visit after work.  When I pulled up to their house I seen a firetruck blocking the driveway.  My heart sunk OMG what happened I thought.  I parked a little ways away to be sure not to block any emergency vehicles coming or going and walked up to the firetruck.  As I was walking to the truck I seen police cars out back behind the shed and seen smoke.  Given the location of the smoke I started to figure out what had happened .   

It was a beautiful day on Saturday and my grandfather decided that he would take advantage of the good weather and burn a little yard waste he had.  I can't blame him I would of done the same thing but it didn't go as planned.  

fireman grass

The fire spread to some dead prairie grass and after some trying with their hose my grandparents had to call in the Coyne Center Fire Department.   

In an ironic twist the fire department set additional fires to burn off the rest of the grass and eliminate the threat of future fires.

ruff life-1-6.jpg
ruff life-1-5.jpg

This is my favorite image from the day.  Grandpa was rolling up his hose since it was no longer needed.

Making sure the post pile is safe.

Things are kinda winding down here and grandma is checking to make sure they did it right.

Notice the three county deputies hanging out enjoying the nice weather.  Here's grandpa reviewing the afternoons events with the firefighter.   

I made a panoramic photo with my Fuji XT1 and was very happy with the results.  This is the aftermath.  Nothing was damaged and the fire was contained to a small area.  Afterwards we went and had lunch as planned.  Then grandpa and I went and burned another section of grass to finish the job.