Model Call (Equine version)

Update:  I have filled the Model call thank you for the inquires. 

Happy Sunday everyone.  I hope everyone is enjoying the rain we are finally getting, now we will get another chance to mow our yards.  Today I am looking for somebody who is interested in doing a photo session with their horse and themselves.   

Theres a few things i'm looking for in this shoot.  The person can be either male or female but they need to be willing to be photographed, this shoot is going to be about the horse and the owner.  I may need to use flash(s) when doing the shoot so the horse can't be easily spooked by them.  I'm looking for this to be not only a portrait session but also an environmental shoot.  I would like to capture the person working with the horse whether it be cleaning, brushing or whatever else is done in caring for the horse.  

I don't know much about horses so i'm looking forward to doing this and learning some things along the way.  So what do you get for helping me out with this session.  Here's what you will get, 

1. Less time in your day

2. Some guy following you around with his camera asking questions. 

3. An edited CD with your photos for you to print. 

Since you would be helping me out if you would like we can do some other photos if you would, like for example ( a few photos of your kids or significant other). 


If your interested in this session send me an email at or send me a message on Facebook. 




Whats happening, with Blockography.

Hey everyone it's been awhile since I have posted a blog about what I've been up to so I thought today would be a good day for it. 

One change is that you can now purchase prints through my website under the "prints" page.  I don't currently have all of the photo sessions up there but if you would like yours added just let me know and I can get it up.  I'm still working on the layout of the Prints section so you may notice some changes to the pages and then it may change back.  I'm not a big fan of the website work sometimes it can get frustrating and time consuming and I would rather be out photographing.  Print sizes are limited on the website so if there is a specific size you would like let me know and I will add it.  I've kept the print selection low just to keep it simple, before I had way to many options and I could see that it would be frustrating to find what you want.  There are 4 or 5 different sizes right now and I went with those sizes because I felt like they would be the most popular. 

Fall is almost here and the photo sessions will be filling up so if you are looking to get your pets photos done this fall I would suggest booking soon.  I will be set up at the Quad City Animal Welfare's "Mutt Strutt" this year on September 21st showing some of my work and taking bookings.  I will also be taking photos of the events and meeting with some great dogs and people.  I mention the "Mutt Strutt" not only so that you can make plans to attend but with as many people who come to this event theres a chance I could have my fall sessions booked by time the event is over. 

Do you have a favorite location or a favorite activity you enjoy doing with your dog?  Let me know about it and we can set up a session that represents you and your dog the best.  I'm willing to travel out of the area for location shoots.  Maybe Starved Rock is a place you love to visit and take your buddy for hikes, I can travel there and we can get some amazing photos of your dog enjoying the outdoors.   


One other big thing is that I am sending the final file for the HCHS-K 2014 calendar, so the printing should be starting soon.  I'm very happy about that and am looking forward to the next one. 

Finally I may be posting soon that I am looking for a horse owner to do a photo shoot with the owner and their horse.  I'm looking to capture multiple aspects of caring for a horse along with a portrait session.  If your interested in this shoot me a email just know that I need a person and a horse so if you don't want your photo taken this might not be for you.    

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and lets hope we get some rain soon.