Pet Photography| Snow Faces

I’m not a huge fan of winter but I can’t argue that sometimes it makes for good photos.

scout snow feb.jpeg

I went out on Sunday to get Hanna’s weekly photo then I decided everyone needed a snow photo. Here’s Scout, it was nice of her to come out from under her blanket to give me a little head tilt.

alfie snow feb.jpeg

Here’s Alfie, I can usually count on Alfie to be pretty cooperative but he doesn’t always dig the cold or being on the picnic table so he gave me a couple quick poses and off he went.

week 7 social.jpeg

Here’s Hanna’s week 7 photo. Her photo was the whole reason we were out in the snow. I’m not sure if you can tell or not but we did these pictures close to dinner time.

miles snow feb.jpeg

Representing for the White Muzzle Club is Miles! Miles was giving me his best. I really like this one and it is my favorite from the weekend.

FujiFilm XT-3 for a Pet Photographer?

On my last day of work (day job) for the year I decided to take a leap and switch my camera system completely. Starting out with a D3100 and eventually settling into the Nikon D600 I thought I would be with Nikon for a long time. The plan was always to upgrade my D600 to maybe a D850 or in a dreamland maybe the D5. But for several years I had been sneaking around with another system, the Fuji X-series.

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