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Well it’s 2019 and you don’t have a calendar…. Well you don’t have my calendar. I’m sure you found something to hang in its place. Yes it’s true; I did not do a calendar for this year and I am already bummed out about it. There were a lot of factors but the main reason was due to my day job work schedule. We had planned on doing a calendar but on the very first shoot, I had to cancel due to my work schedule. That, to me, was a sign that it just wasn’t the right time. So I called it off. I can’t half ass something as important as this. If I can’t give it my all then I am out. So that was it. 



Then the emptiness set in and I really was upset with myself. Was work that important? Well kinda… It is how I support myself and can afford to give my time to help animals in need. So, if I have to take a break from something I care about then I want to go all in when it is time to start back up!



There have always been two challenges with creating a calendar. The first is the time. I spend a lot of time traveling to people to take photos of their pets and then the time spent putting the calendar together and getting it to the printer in time. The other big challenge is money. What? It’s a product the shelter sells so it is all profit right? NO. The printing of the calendar is a big expense and really cuts into the shelter’s profit from the sales. But this year will be different.

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I have decided to do my own calendar. “Wait, you want us to buy a calendar from you just because?” No. I will be making a calendar and giving it to two great organizations for them to sell and raise money for their causes! That’s right. No overhead for them: just straight profit. That means all the money raised will go straight to the animals! 


This year I have teamed up with Rescued a resale shop  in Moline, IL, that donates a portion of its profits to local animal shelters and the Henry County Humane Society-Geneseo, IL. I will make a calendar for them to use as a fundraiser! 


I will have 12 spots available for purchase at my regular basic session rate of $300.00 and that includes everything in my regular pet session, with the addition of a spot in my 2020 fundraiser calendar. When completed, I will deliver 250 calendars to Rescued and to Henry County Humane Society-Geneseo that they will sell for $10.00 each with no cost to them. That is a potential of $2500 in profit. 



I’m really excited to be able to do this and help two great causes. Since 2015 Rescued has donated over $100,000 dollars to local animals and the HCHS-G has been doing great work for years. 


This deal is a win-win for everyone. You get a great photo session with your pet and the organizations get to have a fundraiser they don’t have to invest the money for.



Yes the past calendar session costs were much lower than my session fee but that didn’t even cover the cost of printing. My new plan covers that cost and makes it so the organizations will makes it so the organizations will get the full benefit.

Plus, you have been telling yourself that you were going to book a session but have been putting it off. Now is the time to book that session you’ve been wanting and you keep putting off.


If you are interested in a spot please email me at johnwangelin@gmail.com or call 309-335-0078 (you will probably have to leave a message).

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Talking Pictures Podcast; Talking Calendars and the New Year.



Recently, on the Talking Pictures podcast, I was interviewed about the 2017 Kewanee Animal Shelter calendar.  In 2015, the Dispatch-Argus photo staff at started a podcast about the photojournalism industry, their daily assignments and just a little bit of everything to do with photography.  I was really excited about a local podcast about photography so I started listening from the first episode. I really love listening to podcasts because I like listening to people talk. I was a big talk radio fan but that is almost exclusively political and typically puts me in a bad mood.  Now, with podcasting, anyone can do a podcast and the range of topics is unlimited.


The “ring leader” of the podcast is Todd Mizener, photo editor at the Dispatch-Argus, and the co-host is Todd Welvaert, a photojournalist who recently retired from the Dispatch-Argusto pursue his own freelance career with a focus on wedding photography. You can find his website here .  If not out on assignment, Meg McLaughlin, a photojournalist with the Dispatch-Argus, is also on the show.  They all have busy schedules so the frequency of the podcast seems to be whenever they have a chance to do one and I would say it’s about once a month. 


As a fan of the podcast, I have interacted with them on Twitter, typically just  ReTweeting their episodes or letting them know I enjoyed an episode.  Through those interactions I’ve shared some of my work. They learned about the calendar project and asked me to come on and talk about it.  With a couple of photography industry veterans asking me questions, I was a little nervous.  I was very nervous during the pre-interview and know I said ummm a lot. I think I pulled it together once the main show was recording. I was really thrown by wearing the headphones and listening to my own voice through those. I don’t know why, but that messed with me for a little bit.  For me, listening to their podcast I forget they are journalist and not just photographers. I was reminded that they know what they’re doing in an interview situation. They asked great questions and kept the conversation flowing. My biggest concern was they would ask me something I couldn’t . They were great and their professionalism made me look better, I think.  It also helps that they love dogs! 


One thing I realized is that I need to interact with other photographers in person, I feel it makes us better. I also realized that we all have so much in common.  We got into a little discussion about LightRoom  and I was a little relieved at realizing I’m not the only person who doesn’t use it to its full ability.  Photographers need each other. We need to learn from each other and help make each other better.  We need to get out of the mindset that every photographer is our competition. Yes, in some ways they are. If you’re doing good work that will show and you will get clients who share the same vision for their photos as you do. With the New Year approaching, I realize the need to get out and do more networking with other photographers instead of just being stuck in my own isolated world.  In 2017 I’m going to try and make a point to get out and talk with other photographers, maybe collaborate on a project or just have a drink and debate such things as sensor sizes.






2017 Kewanee Animal Shelter Calendar

It’s fall so that means it’s fundraiser calendar time!  From spring to summer I shoot the photos for the Kewanee Animal Shelter’s calendar.  This is my 4th calendar that I have done by myself and the 5th one that I’ve worked on. 

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