Crossed the Rainbow Bridge| King Russick


I was very sad to learn that a couple of weeks ago King passed away. In August 2014 King found his furever home with the Russick’s and he lived a great life.


King was in the last calendar I did for the Kewanee Humane Society (2018) and when Kings mom contacted me about a spot telling me he was adopted from the shelter the wheels started turning in my head so I dug through my archives and sure enough I had photographed his adoption pictures!

I always get a little excited when I already have some sort of connection with a subject to me this felt like everything came full circle.

king family.jpeg

It did indeed come full circle! I photographed King at his time in need and it helped him find a great family! When I came to meet King and his family he was pretty laid back but happy to meet someone new. This isn’t really how I remembered him from just a couple years ago. When I first met him he was shy and standoffish. Back then he didn’t want much to do with me but wow now he seemed like a new dog.


King really enjoyed going to the park and having his twice daily walks. We did his photos at a park that was just in the beginning stages of being developed called Kinsey Park. If I remember correctly Kings dad had volunteered quite a bit of time helping get the trails ready in the park. It was a pretty great place and writing this reminds me I need to go back soon.

Submitted by mom

Submitted by mom

Kings best friend lived down the street and her name is Libby. They loved to run and play together.


King made sure everyone was in bed before he would lay down for the night and if you weren’t in bed he would herd you towards it so he could get some rest.


To the Russick family I offer my deepest condolences for the loss of King. It does really fill my heart with happiness knowing what a great life you gave him.