52 weeks of Alfie Part 3|Pet Photography



Now that I’m 5 weeks into my next 52-week project with Pete, I realized I didn’t complete a final blog about my last project with Alfie.  I’ll be honest and say the last few weeks his photos were rushed and nothing special, which happens in a long-term project like this. Then add in cold weather, holidays and other distractions and watch things get a little boring.  We actually had 53 weeks this year so Alfie got an extra week tagged on.



In week 47 we find Alfie in bed getting ready for a Nap Club.  On Sunday’s, Alfie and I have Nap Club so that I can get some sleep before going into work at night.  The weekend is when Alfie gets a chance to sleep in the bed with me and he really loves it.  For such a high-energy dog, he really knows how to nap.



Week 49-We had SNOW!!  This was one of the very few times this year that we had snow.  As you can tell, Alfie was digging it.  I’m not a huge fan of snow but it can make for some great photos.



Week 50-The snow is gone.  This one’s pretty boring: just Alfie watching over the yard.  I’m sure he’s looking for a squirrel.



Week 52-Alfie and Miles are out enjoying what little snow we had gotten.  I really like this action shot of them playing and it helps that Alfie looks freaked out. 



Week 53-Happy New Year!  For some reason this photo went to explore on Flickr and I don’t know why.  I did this really quick and I didn’t put a lot of effort into it.  It is kind of funny but definitely not a portfolio photo.


I really enjoyed using Alfie for my 2016 52-week project.  These projects help me carve out 1-on-1 time with a dog and get a little closer to them.  Alfie is such a good dog with a lot of personality and a real presence in front of the camera.  These projects are good for me. They make sure I am out on a regular basis shooting and keeping my skills fresh.  My plan is to do a photo book of his photos from this project so that I have a physical product from our work.  A photo isn’t a photo until it’s a print.

Next up for my 2017 52-week project is Pete.  If I was fair, it would have been Scout this year because she hasn’t done one yet. But since I make the rules, it’s Pete’s turn again.  Since he’s 13 years old, I felt it was more important to make Pete my subject.


You can find the part 1 here and part 2 here of my 52 weeks of Alfie.