52 Weeks of Alfie part 2!

Alfie and I still have our 52 week project going so I wanted to share with you some of my favorite images from that.  This is the second part of probably a 3 part series; you can see the previous post here. 


We start with week 27.  A pretty simple shot of Alfie lying in his Kuranda dog bed.  He loves that bed almost as much as he loves our bed.  I like the simplicity of this shot and the look on his face.  Black and white photos are always some of my favorites.

dog Kuranda bed terrier

Week 29 were back outside.  I remember this shot because I was trying to get Alfie back inside so I could go to bed (to be clear I work 3rd shift that’s why I sleep during the day not because I enjoy it lol) and he was just lying their enjoying the morning.  I know that when he gets in a good spot he will stay there awhile so I grabbed my camera and had a couple minutes to get some shots of him.  I enjoy this photo because I like the colors and it’s kinda a slice of life shot because on any day you could find him doing this.

dog terrier firepit wood grass white

Week 34.  What a great week that was!  I had just picked up a new Nikon 24-70 2.8 lens this is a lens I had wanted and needed for quite some time.  It’s now my go to lens.  I was just trying to get something good with Alfie and he was being pretty cooperative when I shot this.  I managed to get a beautiful sun flare in the frame (not Photoshop) and he had this great look on his face.  This is surely one of my favorites from the year.

dog terrier flare summer grass green white

Week 38.  For some reason my little terrier dogs don’t play with toys outside much; they all just walk around the yard sniffing or chasing squirrels.  This day though Alfie showed a little interest in the Kong Frisbee so we started playing.  He didn’t catch it but he did like playing tug with it so I wanted at least one photo of him playing with the bee so I had proof he did it.  I think he’s only played with the bee one other time since then.

dog kong frisbee bee green grass terrier


Week 41 brought some beautiful fall weather to Galva Illinois.  After I was done mowing the yard for what I thought might be the last time I let Alfie out to check my work.  Alfie hates lawn mowers or anything that has a loud engine.  He goes crazy when a school bus drives by or garbage truck.  I was going to try and get a photo of him going crazy on the mower but I didn’t like those photos as much as this.  I had some great light that day and was happy how this photo came together.

Johndeere deere dog fall terrier grass


Week 42 time for a selfie.  This was another one of those mornings where Alfie didn’t want to come inside so I could go to sleep.  I can usually convince him to come in but first he needs a belly rub.  So I grabbed my camera and held it so it would look like he was doing a selfie.  I thought it came out pretty good. 

dog selfie terrier trump white fall


Week 43.  This photo hit Explore on Flickr and I’m not sure why that happened.  Explore just means that your photo is put into a group where a lot of people see your photo, it’s based on the popularity of your photo before Explore.  This is a fine photo but in my opinion nothing special.

dog terrier white blue fall orange jack

Week 44.  Dogs in hats who doesn’t love that?  This was around Halloween and every year we pick up costumes at Wal-Mart and this year we found this hat.  As you can tell he’s not to thrilled to have a hat on but I loved his stance and expression.  It reminded me of a 1950’s gangster for some reason.

dog hat gangster terrier halloween black white


Week 46.  This chilly but beautiful November day we headed out to Loud Thunder Forest Preserve.  We had never been there before so we thought we would head out and explore it.  One thing I didn’t account for is that it’s hunting season so a lot of areas were not safe to be in.  None the less we still enjoyed ourselves and found a nice spot for Alfie to get his photo for the week.  I can see myself doing more shoots at Loud Thunder.

dog leafs loud thunder forest preserve terrier fall


Only 6 more weeks left then it’s time for me to pick a new dog for the 52 week project.  Right now it’s a toss up between my youngest Scout who I don’t have a lot of photos of or my oldest Pete who has already been the subject of a previous 52 week project.  Pete is 13 so I know that my opportunity’s to photograph him are getting fewer.  But Scout hasn’t been the subject of this yearly project and I don’t have a lot of photos of her any way so I really am torn. 


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