An interesting Saturday....

Last weekend I decided to stop by my grandparents house for a visit after work.  When I pulled up to their house I seen a firetruck blocking the driveway.  My heart sunk OMG what happened I thought.  I parked a little ways away to be sure not to block any emergency vehicles coming or going and walked up to the firetruck.  As I was walking to the truck I seen police cars out back behind the shed and seen smoke.  Given the location of the smoke I started to figure out what had happened .   

It was a beautiful day on Saturday and my grandfather decided that he would take advantage of the good weather and burn a little yard waste he had.  I can't blame him I would of done the same thing but it didn't go as planned.  

fireman grass

The fire spread to some dead prairie grass and after some trying with their hose my grandparents had to call in the Coyne Center Fire Department.   

In an ironic twist the fire department set additional fires to burn off the rest of the grass and eliminate the threat of future fires.

ruff life-1-6.jpg
ruff life-1-5.jpg

This is my favorite image from the day.  Grandpa was rolling up his hose since it was no longer needed.

Making sure the post pile is safe.

Things are kinda winding down here and grandma is checking to make sure they did it right.

Notice the three county deputies hanging out enjoying the nice weather.  Here's grandpa reviewing the afternoons events with the firefighter.   

I made a panoramic photo with my Fuji XT1 and was very happy with the results.  This is the aftermath.  Nothing was damaged and the fire was contained to a small area.  Afterwards we went and had lunch as planned.  Then grandpa and I went and burned another section of grass to finish the job.