Why is Pet Photography important?

            Is your dog a member of your family?  Most likely if your visiting this site they are.  Photography is a way to capture and preserve your dog’s personality for many years to come.  Hanging a large print of your dog on your wall tells everyone who sees it that he/she is a valued member of your family. 

            How can I help capture your dog’s personality?  I have the patience to wait for the best moment your dog presents to me.  I have 4 dogs of my own and am a dog lover so I know how to get the best out of your friend for their photo session.

            Why is your price so low?  Right now I’m building my portfolio and starting a new business and trying to build a good word of mouth.  Every time you share one of my photos on Facebook or Twitter that helps people find out about the work I’m doing.

            Are you tired of only having dark photos of your dog that you can’t even see their face?  Sure you are it would be much better to have photos that you could hang on your wall and share with your friends and family.  Even if you have a black dog (the hardest dog to photograph) I can make them look good, like the dog you know.

            Before I could finish this blog post our family was hit with a tragedy.  Our dog Sam passed away.  Sam had struggled with pancreatitis for a couple of years, with a special diet he was able to stay healthy and live a normal active life.  In the last few months the diet wasn’t enough and he found him self in the vets office more than at home some weeks.  This last bout with his disease came on so fast and hard that he didn’t have a chance to recover so on July 23, 2013 we said goodbye to Sam. 

            I have many photos of “Sam the Dog” (the name printed on his Walgreens discount card) and a lot of them are printed and I still have more to print.  Sam was one of my first dogs to get his own 20x30 aluminum print hanging on the wall.  It hit me when I went to finish this blog post the real reason Pet Photography is important to our families. 

            If you are considering Pet Photography for your dog I hope you consider me for the important task.  My photos can be viewed on my homepage and portfolio on the website.  I’ve been adding photos on a regular basis so check back often to see the new ones.  You can also follow me on Facebook.