Very first blog entry.

I think the first question most people will ask when they see that I have started a blog is "why the heck does John need a blog?".  There's a couple answers to that the first one is for web page ratings.  Powers that I don't understand scan through websites looking for keywords to help determine where a page ranks when people search for certain terms or phrases like "pet photographer" "dog photographer" "animal photography" and so on.  So to help me get a better ranking on Google I will be doing some blogging but there is another reason for me to start a blog.  

The second reason has to do with homeless dogs.  My plan is to contact local shelters and arrange photo sessions with their dogs that are looking for homes.  My intention is that I will focus on the "less adoptable" dogs such as seniors, handicap or just dogs that have not had any luck finding a home.  If you are a shelter or rescue and are interested in having a dog featured on this blog feel free to contact me 

I may also blog about different photography subjects and gear but probably not on a regular basis.  In conclusion I hope you will visit this site on a regular basis and share it with your friends and family.  I also want to recommend a book to read it's called "Caesar's Way' by Caesar Milan.  I just finished reading it and have been implementing some of his techniques and philosophies and am already noticing a difference in my dogs behavior.