John Wangelin

Living in Galva IL, with my Wife Alysia and our 4 dogs Alfie, Miles, Scout and Hanna we enjoy watching our dogs do goofy stuff on a daily basis. They keep us on our toes most of the time but they do know how to relax and that’s when we can regain our sanity.



Hanna likes to run.

And I take the selfies

Sometimes I even make it out for a run with our youngest dog Hanna. Depending on the time of year and my motivation you can find us out running the streets of Galva. I do use the term running very loosely it’s running for me but a light trot for our crazy furkid Hanna. She has not yet perfected the selfie like I obviously have but she’s learning.

People often ask why I got into dog photography? i’d like to say that someone put a camera in my hand at 10 years old and pointed me towards a dog but that’s not how it happened. I have a lot of dogs and they are my captive models, I mean I feed them so they have to do what I say right? Truth is I love dogs and always have so it makes sense that I photograph what truly interests me and that I find joy in. Our dogs are here for just a short time and I want to capture as much of their personalities that I can.

pete ears-1.jpg

Pete (above) is one of the reasons I love photographing dogs. Pete was almost 15 when he passed away. I have thousands of photos of Pete over the years and the best ones are hanging on our walls as large pieces of art. Pete was my first dog as an adult and he was with us through good and bad. Thank god he couldn’t talk because he would have really talked shit about me to anyone with a little bacon.

Writing an about page is hard for me and probably for a lot of people. I could tell you that over the last 3 years I’ve managed to loose over 150 lbs or that on Sunday’s I like to attend nap club (it’s a fancy club exclusively for Alfie, Miles and I). I don’t think I fit the normal “Pet Photographer” description, when I show up you might wonder is this the photographer? or is he here to fix someones car? After you work with me you will realize I’m a pretty normal guy (one might say boring) who really likes to hang out with dogs and help their owner get some great art work for their home.


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